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Four Fantastic Body Scrub Treatments

SpaWith so many spa treatments on offer these days, choosing the perfect spa treat can be a tricky business. This article focuses on body scrub treatments to give you an idea of what’s currently popular.

The Purification Body Scrub

Purification Body ScrubThe Purification Body Scrub is a technique taken from the Imperial spas in South Korea, aimed at both improving circulation, invigorating the skin and energizing the body. The treatment starts with an exfoliation of dead skin to prepare the area for a nourishing massage. This is then followed by an application of essential oils combined with cucumber, yogurt and milk, used to re-hydrate the skin and give it a silky and renewed feeling. The spa treatment is then traditionally topped off with a head massage.

The Bamboo Green Tea Scrub

Spa Body Scrub with Green TeaWe have another Asian treatment up next, the Bamboo Green Tea Scrub, this time influenced by bathing rituals in Japan. This invigorating treatment involves and exfoliation with a mixture of green tea, bamboo, cleansing grains and essential oils, perfectly balanced to leave the skin feeling fresh. The treatment is then followed by a traditional rice buff shower rinse with a twist of cherry blossom. Finally, the skin is moisturized by a mixture of wild lime silk oil or plum blossom silk cream.

An Indulgent Grape Body Wrap

Body WrapNext up, we have a grape-themed body scrub, inspired by the world famous grapes of Napa. The grape-based treatment starts with a grape seed scrub to exfoliate the skin, leaving it with a smooth and supple feeling. A grape-seed oil mask is then applied to the body and enveloped in a warm mylar cocoon, to give the antioxidants in the grape-seed oil time to sink into the skin. The final stage is an application of warm grape lotion to leave your skin firm and glowing.

The Chamomile Body Scrub

Chamomile Body ScrubWe finish up with a more traditional treatment, the traditional Chamomile Body Scrub. It may be traditional but it’s still a popular treatment in the modern day. The body scrub starts with a gentle French pumice scrub to exfoliate and loosen the skin. The pumice used in the exfoliation is infused with chamomile essence, a relaxing fragrance. The gentle exfoliation will leave the skin feeling silky and vibrant.

This is obviously just a small taste of all the treatments currently available, there really are many more to discover, so why not head on down to your local spa to find out more?


This article was written by Thom Sanders on behalf of Titanic Spa. They offer a fantastic range of Spa break experiences, perfect for spa seekers.

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